Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Smart Alternative to Whole Ownership

It’s November. It’s not a time when people typically go to their cottages on the lake. Most people have boarded up their cottages for the winter and won’t return until the Victoria Day Weekend. Traffic is light, shops are not crowded, and the lake looks deserted except for the wildlife that enjoy the peaceful serenity of their beautiful natural environment.

It is quiet and peaceful at Blue Water Acres too, but there is a difference. There are actually people around enjoying their cottages, the outdoors and their recreation facilities. There’s no reason to board up their cottage for the winter. There is simply too much to enjoy every season. That’s one of the many reasons they decided to purchase a fractional share at Blue Water Acres.

If you were to approach some of the people you’ll find at the resort in November, you’ may be surprised that they are not all fractional owners at Blue Water Acres. Some owners will actually be in Malta, Florida, or Hawaii this winter, enjoying the benefits of their cottage ownership in Muskoka there. You ask, “how is this possible”?

Fractional owners at Blue Water Acres have the facility to exchange one or more of the weeks they own in a cottage at Blue Water Acres for other weeks at more than 2400 resorts in more than 75 countries around the world. They simply deposit a week into the International Exchange program and pick another destination to visit. They may for example, deposit their November week at their home resort at Blue Water Acres and exchange into a Marriott resort in Hawaii in February. One of the more than 2 million members of the Exchange Network will have deposited their week at their home resort, and selected the week in November at Blue Water Acres to visit. This is the person you might meet instead of the actual owner.

Not all the owners at Blue Water Acres utilize the Exchange Program. Many want to use the cottage themselves every season. Many sold their private cottages on the lake in order to purchase one or more fractional ownership intervals at Blue Water Acres. They love Muskoka and the lifestyle of owning a cottage on the lake. However, what they didn't like about whole ownership was the cost of maintaining the cottage and the amount of work involved. They have to pay for the use of their cottage 52 weeks of the year even if they only use it only a few times. They also disliked the maintenance and repair work required each time they visited the cottage . They discovered that fractional ownership addressed these issues perfectly.

Here’s a summary of some of the benefits of Fractional Ownership versus Whole Ownership

• Fraction of the cost of whole ownership
• Fraction of the maintenance and operating costs
• No maintenance work. Simply enjoy yourself!
• Premiere location on one of Muskoka’s most popular lakes
• Detached luxury cottages
• Use of recreation facilities such as indoor pool, clubhouse, skating rink
and much more

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